Kharis Capital invests sizeable growth equity in established consumer businesses and brands

We build solid and long-lasting partnerships to help drive innovation and growth, and provide support throughout the life of each investment

“Sweet spot” of €50m to €150m in growth equity transactions

No / limited leverage

Places deals below the radar of leading Leverage Buyout PE funds

Long-term approach

Makes investments that do not always fit traditional PE firms models due to exit and structuring constraints

Focus on deals in consumer-related sectors and regions where we have direct expertise

We have an established international track record and network we can leverage in the consumer, retail and digital sectors. Kharis Capital primarily backs US and European brands with international and scalability potential.

Explore deals others cannot (easily) do

Family-owned or controlled assets

Taking public companies private

Roll-outs, platform or consolidation deals

These are investments far more suitable for our long-term added-value partnership-driven model

Building true partnerships

We choose a new approach to partnership. Not constrained by a portfolio logic or restrictive time horizons, we can truly invest to support ambitious entrepreneurs. Kharis builds and manages true partnerships by selecting great companies and teams and seeking an influential role, either as a large minority or majority investor.
We help drive innovation and growth by exploiting barriers to entry and the companies' differentiating factors, such as market share or brand. Most importantly, we support entrepreneurs to generate long term sustainable value.

Passion for brands and technology

We recognize the value of brands especially for companies in direct and constant contact with end consumers. Building and developing brands, increasingly involves using innovative and agile technology solutions. The best strategies require time, discipline and a “touch of magic” to guarantee long term value creation.

Create genuine platform of brands are ingrained within our DNA as we have spent years building and growing them both offline and through digital media.

Growth, internationalization and digital

Working with a vast network of family offices, advisors and partners enables us to provide unique support to help companies develop their businesses and grow both domestically and abroad. Our past experiences include geographic expansion, product innovation, and operational improvements.