Investment Model

Our unique partnership model allows for a greater proximity and involvement of our partners throughout the lifespan of our investments

Multi-conduit investment platform

Every investment is made through a dedicated Luxemburg-based investment vehicle. It comprises of a select number of investment partners, to whom we propose three coinvestment solutions

Cornerstone investors are long-term committed partners that jointly invest a minimum of 25% of equity in each deal

KCI investors constitute a guaranteed co-investor base that automatically join every investment through a dedicated pooling investment vehicle, a Luxemburg-based RAIF (Reserve Alternative Investment Fund)

Ad-hoc co-investors are invited to typically invest min. 10% of equity directly in a dedicated investment vehicle and contribute throughout the lifespan of the investment


Our governance model allows Kharis (Kharis Capital GP and its advisor (Kharis Capital Advisory) to effectively manage and monitor every single investment and frequently interact with its investor base. In essence:


Kharis is responsible for sourcing, analyzing and structuring investment opportunities.


Kharis is responsible for managing the day to day affairs of the investments, Kharis has full authority to materialize and execute the business plan.


Certain key strategic decisions are taken at qualified majorities together with the coinvestors, including exit, acquisitions and significant deviation from initial investment thesis.


The time horizon of every investment is function of the underlying asset and investment thesis. In general, our investment vehicles anticipate a 7 to 10 year holding period.


Our governance model also provides regular reporting and disclosure to allow the investors to be closely involved in tracking the investment and interacting with our team.

Kharis Capital Invest – RAIF

In 2017, Kharis set-up Kharis Capital Invest (“KCI”) as an investment pooling vehicle dedicated to high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and families to co-invest alongside our other partners directly in our investments. KCI is a dedicated Luxemburg based Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF), an AIFM supervised structure, managed by Kharis Capital GP and advised by Kharis Capital Advisory.

This structure allows our KCI investors to effectively and systematically invest alongside our other co-investors in the next 3 to 4 direct deals, through the creation of single deal sub-funds under the KCI umbrella.