Unique platform offering selective direct investment opportunities

Kharis fosters deep understanding of its partners’ strategies and capabilities, allowing for a targeted approach and a rapid decision-making process

Aligned long-term focus

Long-term value is created through the combination of 3 essential components

Over 50 prominent family offices are presently part of our network

Kharis enters into partnership agreements with prominent family offices to propose and manage sizable direct investments on a deal-by-deal basis and facilitate interactions with company leadership to the benefit of all involved.

Our model allows family offices to become closely engaged in key judgments about investments, from the first choice to participate in any single deal, to material decisions that occur over the life of an investment.

In order to avoid the pitfalls of “club deals”, Kharis Capital has secured cornerstone investors that work more closely with our leadership and subscribe systematically to a significant portion of the required equity for each transaction.

Kharis Capital then engages with selected family offices within our ecosystem that add value to the investment or are a good fit in order to complete a deal.

To make this work, Kharis Capital has a defined framework and process that allows for fast decision-making when opportunities present themselves.

This framework forms the core of the relationship we build with our partners and is key to extracting “hidden value” by leveraging their experience, access and networks to manage transactions effectively and make a difference.

Kharis Capital’s differentiated positioning and DNA provides a sourcing edge


Focus on a less-crowded “sweet spot” for deals Source deals from within or through our network


An ecosystem of family offices with decades of experience Leveraging our ecosystem to find deals and manage investments


Unique model allows for patient, smart money investing Exploring deals traditional funds cannot execute


Founders' competence come from investing and managing family offices First €100m-plus investment closed (Burger King)