Freedom and control allow for agility and differentiation

Kharis Capital has an innovative approach and value creation model


We have created a unique network of more than 50 prominent family offices that have accumulated knowledge and experience that is critical to success, but is not easily accessible

Go deep
not wide

Our model does not rely on a portfolio diversification strategy so we go for fewer, more focused deals to fully unlock intrinsic value of each investment

-by-deal investments

By making investment decisions based on individual deals, we are free from artificial size, time or structural constraints, allowing us greater flexibility


Investing in fewer deals within our areas of expertise, allows us to provide ongoing and added-value support and be a positive source of inspiration for the companies
with whom we partner

in people

We back teams, not only businesses, as we strongly believe in the capacity of great people to make a difference

The Kharis Ecosystem allows us to source and manage investments differently

Our platform

Access and structure deals to which partner-family offices are privy

Leverage the cumulative operational and investment experience of our team and network of advisors and entrepreneurs to generate unique opportunities

Develop joint sourcing and co-investment partnerships with selective families and funds with congruent strategies