Kharis Capital manages a direct private equity investment platform for like-minded long-term investors in consumer markets

Evolving PE market dynamics require a more aligned and participative investment partnership

Kharis Capital builds and manages direct investment partnerships backed by and dedicated to families and entrepreneurs, focused on making long-term PE investments ranging from €50 to €150m of equity commitments, on a deal-by-deal basis.

The investment team brings years of investment expertise and its unique experience working with prominent family offices and entrepreneurs.

Our core values, long term capital and differentiated business approach make Kharis Capital a partner of choice both for families and entrepreneurs alike.

Unlocking value by building unique partnerships

Family Offices

Established family offices have a growing appetite for direct investments, but often lack the skills, team or scale


Today’s entrepreneurs are looking for smart money, meaning long-term partners, flexible capital structures and added-value support and insights

Family Offices

Traditional fund structures do not allow family offices to share knowledge, align interests or extend investment horizons


It is challenging and time consuming for entrepreneurs to find the right investors committed to durable partnerships

Family Offices & Entrepreneurs

Bridging the gap between Family Bridging the gap between family offices and entrepreneurs, we provide a flexible and scalable partnership model, uniquely positioned to deploy long-term capital in select direct deals

Our platform

A highly competitive environment requires
an edge to stand out and succeed

Traditional PE funds require their investors to essentially write blank checks without contributing their knowledge, experience and expertise.

This is becoming unsuitable for many family offices and entrepreneurs as it prevents them from reaping the benefits of a true financial partnership and can be source of misalignment:

  • Exit-driven agenda that creates artificial divestment time constraints, and favors IRR optimization over what is right for the business
  • Being part of an investment portfolio, entrepreneurs face restrictive allocation guidelines and suffer from losers vs winners arbitrage
  • Structure templates are imposed on underlying business without ensuring suitability
  • Rigid fee structures lower write-off incentives and limit transparency.

As a result, both entrepreneurs and family offices have begun seeking alternative approaches that better address their needs and align their interests around the company’s long-term strategy and vision.

Kharis Capital is free from restrictions inherent to traditional PE structures. We partner with family offices to make direct investments in companies which value their capital, networks and expertise which are essential to building a business and generating long term sustainable value.

By bypassing traditional structures, Kharis Capital’s innovative approach creates a genuine partnership benefiting both sides which translates into superior returns and while mitigated risk.

Kharis Capital’s investment culture is drawn from its team who worked with families that created extraordinary wealth

About our Team